SOLVED: How To Install & Configure WSUS on Windows Server 2012R2 or Server 2016 in 20 Minutes

wsus-configuration-wizard-startInstalling and configuring Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on Server 2016 or Server 2012R2 is straight forward.  There are four key steps:

  1. Add the WSUS Role
  2. Configure WSUS
  3. Set a Group Policy to have your PC’s point to the WSUS server for updates
  4. Approving Updates

To be clear, the process below will take you 20 minutes of work time to complete, but because you have to wait for the install to complete (5-15mins) and then the initial sync to complete (several hours), you will need a day to get your WSUS server functional.


wsus-add-roleTo add the WSUS role launch SERVER MANAGER > MANAGE > ADD ROLES > then click next through to the ROLES and select WSUS.  Then click NEXT to the end.  Do NOT change the defaults.


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